Secundity has set itself the goal of raising the safety of our society to a higher level by protecting the business community and government against malicious parties. By serving our customers, we ensure that security is addressed and improved individually. By evaluating and improving the security of organizations, we contribute both reactive and proactive to a safer society.

Our employees

The people who work for Secundity are experienced security professionals. Our employees are trained to continuously look at the security aspects of systems, and also contain the so-called "security mindset". Such a reasoning focuses primarily on the integral improvement of the security of the environment, at both physical and digital level.

Trust functions

Because Secundity works in IT security, we are confronted with highly confidential data and business-critical systems on a daily basis. That is why we place high demands on our employees. These must be able to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of information and systems.

Ethics used

The hacking knowledge that the employees of Secundity possess can easily be misused to break into all kinds of computer systems unauthorized. We would like to emphasize that such activities are not tolerated within Secundity.


Secundity was founded in 2009 by Sijmen Ruwhof .