IT security assessments

IT security testing

Our core activity is conducting IT security tests, also known as hack tests or pen tests. We know better than anyone how we can break into IT systems and are therefore confident enough to state that we are among the top in the Netherlands in this field. We do this for, among others, banks, insurance companies and the government .

After we have conducted our tests, we prepare a security test report containing all the security risks that we have identified. Have your software checked by us, as an independent party for security leaks, before you put software into production, to minimize the chance of being hacked.

IT security audits

Does your company have to comply with certain laws or regulations and does your IT security therefore have to meet strict requirements? Let us help you with this to demonstrate that you have your security in order and that you meet the set requirements.

Some examples of security audits that we can arrange for you: DigiD security research and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. We are also familiar with the code for information security, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NEN 7510/11 and other standards frameworks.

PHP security assessments

One of our senior IT security consultants is an expert in developing PHP applications and is also certified by Zend. This makes him one of the few PHP security experts in the Netherlands. If you have a PHP website and security is important to you, let us advise you. We can perform a security test for you, review your PHP source code and check the PHP configuration for security risks.

Red teaming

Do you have the idea that you are in control of your security? Then have us check this. Under the mandate and on behalf of your management, we can visit your company unannounced to investigate whether we can still break into your company digitally. You will be amazed at what still appears to be possible.

Code reviews

As an extra factor during the execution of security tests, we can also check your programming code for the presence of security breaches. Many risks can be determined during a blackbox security test, but certainly not all. In order to get as complete an inventory of your risks as possible, we recommend that you also have us review your source code (whitebox).

Exploit development

Do you have a special wish for a specific digital attack that you want us to carry out? We can help you with this by developing a digital attack setup for you through customization. This could be an exploit that we will develop (for example through Metasploit) for a particular vulnerability in frequently used software, or a tailor-made attack via specialist hardware towards your company network (via a WiFi Pineapple, or a Raspberry Pi for example).
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