IT security consultancy

Risk analysis

Understanding the security risks that your organization is running is essential to counter large unexpected costs. Get in control of your IT security risks and have them listed by us.

Security management

Make sure your organization does not have too little, but also not too much security. Through years of experience we know exactly the right balance in taking security measures. Let us help you make the right decisions.

Security architecture

Solid security of your IT landscape starts with a secure foundation and therefore with its architecture. We specialize in designing secure software. Let us review your technical designs and therefore be sure that the security of your software has been carefully considered. The design is pre-eminently the place to work proactively on security.

Incident management

Despite all the precautions you have taken, you can always be confronted with security incidents. That is of course very annoying. In the event of an incident, you must switch quickly to prevent further damage. For example, an incident can be a serious vulnerability in frequently-used software that has been revealed by an investigator on the internet, or a virus outbreak in your internal network. Sometimes you do not have the required expertise to sail the right course or to make decisions quickly and effectively. We can help you with that - also on an ad hoc basis.

Security awareness training

Security is not something that can only be outsourced to a security department. Security is a subject for which every employee is partly responsible. However, not every employee is aware of this, or actually feels responsible for this. Moreover, most employees do not know exactly what to look out for. We can provide security awareness training to get your employees alert again.

Forensic research

We often have to deal with websites from the SME segment that have been hacked. Has this happened to you? Contact us quickly so that we can start a forensic investigation while the evidence is still on your server.
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